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What Is The Future Trend Of Intelligent Electric Putter?
May 05, 2018

Deep electric putter in industry for many years and see all kinds of changes in the industry, at the start of the outbreak of the furniture industry, and then the intelligent kitchen, followed by the lifting table field, the tendency is "e-sports chair motor putter.

How did the first furniture electric putter break out?

Outbreak of each stage are inseparable from the application of lifting equipment, electric putter in the significance, due to the pressure of modern society, people more and more get of work pressure, want to go home relaxing, so did electric in the massage chair, such as the slider type U5 is specifically applied in electric massage chair, the structure of the sliding block type, mute (52 db), the characteristics of fast speed. The hall sensor is added to the electric putter to allow the user to stop at any position while using the massage chair. Massage chair and smart bed belong to furniture domain representative, the explosion of massage chair, drive the profession explosion of push rod.

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