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The Use Of Dc Electric Putter In Life
May 05, 2018

Dc electric putter in life use, dc electric putter it is a kind of converting the rotary motion of the motor to push rod of the straight line reciprocating movement, in the industrial equipment, medical equipment, smart home office, in the field of sports equipment and other industries, can meet the practical application of dc electric putter, it as a linear actuator, can realize remote control, centralized control or automatic control function. What are some of the clever applications of dc electric pushers we see everyday?

1. The use of dc electric push rod on camera support.

Compared with the traditional camera stand, in the installation of a dc electric draw stem and scaffold, and a set of fixed camera by stent or other pipe connected to the dc electric putter together, so we only need in dc electric push rod set itinerary, dc electric push rod can ascend to a fixed schedule automatically, the camera doesn't need to adjust every time, this invention is very practical.

2. The use of dc electric push rod on pole antenna.

First of all, to make a pole antenna, we need to use the dc electric putter as the axis of the antenna, and then find the pole position, such as azimuth, elevation Angle and polarization Angle, etc. By rotating the antenna, can accurately, using dc electric putter this device, you can watch the beauty of the astronomical phenomena, do not need any drive and positioning, only needs to adjust parallel to the earth's axis rotation.

3. Application of dc electric push rod on electric sofa.

How to use sofa more comfortable? Electric sofa satisfied people the pursuit of sofa comfort. The electric sofa is completed by the straight push rod and the motor, which can give an effective massage to the tired body, and the comfort level will be stronger. Electric sofa when lie down stretch, from head to toe all parts have the support force, the person is like lie in the center of gravity state, this can promote blood circulation, good health. The electric sofa that realizes this function is realized mainly through the dc electric push rod.

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