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The Main Direction Of The Product Of Electric Putter Manufacturer?
May 05, 2018

At present, there are four main directions in the putter industry, one is household, the other is industrial, the third is the lifting table, and the fourth is the type of small electric putter.

Household type electric putter, currently has UA1, UA2 series. Great thrust, low noise, high strength, high self-locking capability, which makes the product have a better advantage over the same kind. There are many applications for another home, such as electric sofa, smart bed, invisible bed, electric massage chair, etc. Household class can compare request speed the faster the better. Good self-locking ability at the same time, increase the self-locking ability to push rod, the internal structure of joining a self-locking spring, when reach a certain position, spring will automatically bounce, jacking a head and make product fixed well.

Industrial type electric putter, demanding schedule, big thrust, etc., are generally applied in the smart car, sweeping the floor, on the automatic machine, etc., is a special application of an automatic lifting effect on fire artillery, industrial class electric putter will ask lowest protection grade reaches IP65, that is to say, there are certain protection, protection with outdoor work.

The type of lifting table is more common in foreign countries, such as silicon valley and big company. Currently in tencent and alibaba, the company also is equipped with lifting table, lift table also became popular in recent years, in the increasingly exhausted working environment, can be appropriate to reduce people's working pressure, such as sitting for a long time, just press a button, can make the table to a suitable height, this is completely in line with the structure of human body engineering. The lifting table generally requires low noise and can bear the weight of three adults. At home, however, the table is more expensive, so most people in the country use the lever principle, which is about a third of the price.

Mini electric putter series, small electric putter is very useful and can be used in almost any scenario you can imagine.

Now the whole electric putter industry environment, intelligent, low noise, low maintenance is one of the trend of the market in the future, embrace a new mode of transmission, abandon the old traditional way, this is the big trend of domestic industrial manufacturing.

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