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The Influence Of Environment On Small Electric Putter
May 05, 2018

Environment for small electric putter is a small electric putter a vital factor of life, the same environment can also affect the running effect of small electric device, a lot of small electric draw stem often work under harsh conditions, dust, TuSha, environmental factors such as wind and rain, salt, radiation and temperature will cause adverse effect to small electric putter, in order to guarantee the reliability of the work, small electric putter with anti rust, injury prevention, prevent dirt and resistance to high temperature and low temperature performance. This is why the work environment factor should be taken into account when choosing a small electric putter.

What are the effects of environment on small electric putter? For example, when a small electric putter in rain and sea water invasion environment work, very susceptible to corrosion and rust, so when the choose and buy should choose accordingly with antirust function small electric putter. Also, according to the degree of influence, suitable anti-rust paint, electroplating and corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel are selected. In addition, considering that most of the small electric push rods are made of nitrile rubber, the most basic requirement of temperature is that it cannot exceed the working temperature range of nitrile rubber. Otherwise, sealant is easy to be adhered to at high temperature, and when its hardness is reduced, it will squeeze into the gap and destroy good sealing effect.

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