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The Application Field Of Lifting Column
May 05, 2018

Where can the lifting column be applied? The lifting column is mainly composed of motor, elevator system, control box and adapter. By synchronizing the controller, a colleague can control multiple lifting columns to synchronously lift up and down, so as to achieve a uniform rate of rise or fall. Therefore, the lifting column is generally applied to the home lifting desk, children learning table, medical room surgery platform, ground pile and other fields. So how does it work?

In the application of the lifting column of the children's lifting table, the children's lifting table is to adapt to the different height of the children, and the height of the lifting table is adjusted according to different age and height. Products designed specifically for children, and safety measures.

In office application of lifting table, by changing the position of office, alleviate the pressure people office, office to reduce the occurrence of diseases, to create a comfortable office environment, effectively improve the work efficiency.

Application in tatami lifting table, due to the limitation of space position, as far as possible is the activity space greatens, people put the table and floor, combining in the application, through the controller to the desktop on the ground by lifting columns rising to a certain height, into the table, need not when, can retract a highly consistent with the ground, very extent expanded people activity space.

The application of lifting column in life has greatly facilitated People's Daily life and promoted the important components in the process of intelligent life.

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