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Can A Miniature Putter Be Used On A Robot?
May 05, 2018

Robots are mainly used in industrial robot arms and industrial robots. At present in the robot in Japanese and German technology is more advanced, and at present along with the innovation of product technology upgrade, the continuously focus on high-tech talent and technology, in the robot technology will be more and more.

Mini putter main structure is divided into H and the push rod type I, H of the push rod installation dimensions for S + 108 mm, the equivalent of less than 10 cm, using dc motor which can promote 200 kg, speed faster, also can be used in a wide area.

And the push rod type I, structure is less than 10 cm, thrust is 5 kg less than, application is very extensive, because its structure is very narrow, the applicable scope is very broad, such as microelectronics dust-free environment, lifting bags, lifting rehabilitation medical equipment, robot and so on. The main thing is to apply it to some robots.

Can now use the robot SprutCAM, from Russia, mainly mechanical arm, and other functions, using mini putter in the application of the machine can reduce operating costs, reduce waste of raw materials, improve yield and production efficiency...

Used in the high tension line inspection car, the difficulty of a variety of customer service, product in case of high pressure on, will automatically lift, lifting distance of 30-50 mm, products are used in changbai mountain, high pressure, in order to detect low temperature, shoveling snow, etc and machines for the car.

Innovation is based on imitation, so it will take the steps of Korea, Japan and other countries, from the simple assembly of low-end to the control of high-end technology. With the pace of the strategy, more companies will start to participate in this step, and the result will be the price of robots, from industry to family.

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