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Application Of Electric Putter And Putter Motor
May 05, 2018

Electric putter as a new scientific and technological innovation product, has brought great influence to human scientific and technological progress. Electric putt has been widely used by humans, and electric putters can be used in all situations where position adjustment is needed. There are currently mature applications in the world:

1, medical science and technology: electric beds, nursing bed, ICU bed, turn over the bed, bed surgery, dental chair, bed rehabilitation training and C arm, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) equipment, cranes, electric wheelchair, pallet, etc

2. Furniture area: sofa, elderly chair, lazy chair, foot bath chair, home bed, beauty bed, massage chair, massage table, TV rack,

3. Office furniture: desk, smart desk, cabinet, office chair, projection instrument.

4. Industrial technology: door opener, window opener, cleaning vehicle, agricultural harvester, yacht, automobile, stage,

5. Military field: armored vehicles, communications command vehicles, engineering rescue vehicles.

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