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Analysis Of Application Characteristics Of Electric Putter Products
May 05, 2018

Electric putter is widely used in modern industry, such as electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy and so on. In addition, electric putter products can also be used for the opening and closing of valves, valves, gates and other departments of mines, light industry, transportation and ships, etc.

With its application and promotion, electric putter gradually replaced other mechanism devices. At the same time, it is also suitable for other industries with the same working environment and use requirements, and has the ability to meet the requirements of the system, set control and local control.

Combined with electric draw stem to analyze the characteristics of the product itself has its first used the humanized design concept, and thus in the process of running, which has small volume, low noise, save a space, convenient installation and the advantages of the safe and reliable. Moreover, high precision control is achieved, and users can match the encoder, inverter, potentiometer and controller to achieve high precision online control.

In some workplaces, synchronization can be achieved. For example, the mechanical coupling can be used to drive multiple electric putters at the same time, and can achieve absolute synchronization. The device also has the function of self-locking, because it is the worm wheel and worm structure, so most of them have set the absolute dynamic load self-locking function to increase the safety of the equipment operation. In addition, overload protection function is specially configured to realize the requirement of safe and stable operation.

Under normal circumstances, electric push rod products can adapt to different working conditions, and can achieve higher load requirements. In practical application, the electric putter has no oil pollution and can work in a low-noise and normal operation without maintenance.

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