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Which of the electric actuator linear actuators and hydraulic actuators is reliable?
Jul 12, 2018

Many engineers mistakenly believe that hydraulic actuators are more reliable, probably because they often have insufficient reliability when using traditional electric linear actuators. However, the reliability of electronic products and electrical materials has been greatly improved. The construction of an electric linear actuator consists only of the motor, gearbox, lead screw (and ball screw) and clutch, which is simpler than similar hydraulic products. There are many components in the hydraulic system, including fuel tanks, pumps, DC motors, motor relays, solenoid valves, check valves, hydraulic cylinders, push-button consoles, etc. Based on highly reliable electronics and minimal failure possibilities, the reliability of electric linear actuators has improved in recent years and is more durable in most applications than machines with hydraulic actuators.

Electric linear actuators are maintenance-free, so there are few failures due to inadequate maintenance. The hydraulic system requires careful maintenance, including periodic fluid changes and filters to ensure adequate liquid retention within the system. In demanding off-highway applications, hydraulic fluids are susceptible to contamination, and contaminated liquids can react in a chain reaction through the system, damaging multiple components, and each component can be repaired or replaced.

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