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What is electric push rod self-locking force?
May 05, 2018

What is the self-locking force of an electric push rod? Electric draw stem self-locking force is also called the static load capacity of electric draw stem and the static load of electric draw stem is the product in the condition of keeping motionless, can withstand the force of dynamic load said electric putter in the process of linear motion, can promote the size of the force. The meaning of the expression is: when the electric push rod is off the current, the electric push rod stops operation, the electric push rod can bear the greater pressure and not retract. Electric draw stem self-locking ability and the gear box structure, screw type, brake, etc, in general, under the same circumstances, the slower speed, the locking force, the greater the if push rod still fall, consider to increase the brake spring.

In general, electric draw stem self-locking ability, but on the self-locking force influence or worm gear and worm, self-locking structure of different products are different, vertical electric putter is a kind of way, is a kind of parallel type. And so on. Ball screws are more efficient, but less self-locking, and less static when they are no longer active.

How to select the suitable electric push-rod self-locking force?

The self-locking force (static load) of an electric push rod is not a fixed value, and it varies with the series, speed and load ratio, and whether there are brakes or not. The self-locking force required by the application is related to the installation mode of the electric push rod and the use environment, such as the Angle of installation, whether the acceleration of more than 1 g is acceptable. First, we need to calculate the self-locking force required by electric putter in use, and then further consider how the product can meet the self-locking force required. Because larger self-locking forces also mean greater resistance, reducing efficiency and increasing energy consumption. The idea is to work on a more green and low-carbon intelligent life, and continuously improve product efficiency.

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