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Use the tips and habits of a vertical desk
May 05, 2018

Lifting columns are products that are used on the desk. Free adjustment desk height, convenient operation, easy to create a relaxed and good office environment. So, do you know the little knowledge and tips that you use to use the elevating desk? Here is a little tip for using a lift desk.

Stand and work for a while every morning.

When you work every night, keep lifting table in the height of the stand, the second day morning you can first standing at work for a while, if a is the author of office in the morning, it is hard to stand up in the office.

When you dial/answer the phone, raise the table.

When you dial/answer the phone, lift table can be rising, you can also give you the lift table set Cheng Xun, let you of the lift table automatically when you answer or make calls, automatic rising.

After lunch, stand and sit down.

Most people have the habit of nap in the afternoon, the heroine in after lunch, you shall rise desk to the height of the stand, in the afternoon to work standing at work, can avoid the habit of sleepiness, able to work better maintain focus.

4. Gradually adapt to the standing position.

Nowadays, many people sit in the office for a long time. The long time accumulation brings us all the work diseases. The lifting desk changes your office posture and reduces the occurrence of office diseases.

Stand li and sit together.

Are most of the time of day, the authors deal with the work, we used to sit to think about some problems, therefore, this needs us independent adjust good standing balance between office and sitting office, will own to maximize efficiency.

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