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The working principle of push-rod motor
May 05, 2018

The push-rod motor is often referred to as a drive, electric putter, actuator, and the English name is linear actuator(linear actuator). The working principle is to reduce the speed of the high speed motor through various deceleration modes, and then drive the screw to rotate, so that the nut will show a straight round trip motion on the screw.

Most of the motor, screw and gearbox are not missing.

In the form of rod type: trapezoidal screw type, ball screw type, planetary ball screw type.

Motor type: dc motor (12v, 24v, 36v), ac motor (220v, 380v), step, motor, servo motor, etc.

In the form of gearbox: worm gear, gearbox, planetary gear, helical gear.

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