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The structure of lifting table column
May 05, 2018

There are many kinds of lifting and lifting structure of lifting table, and many times it is often asked: what are the vertical column structure of lifting table? What are the benefits? To do this, comb through some simple comparisons, and make meaningful answers to clients who are still consulting these questions.

Lifting table lifting column.

There are several main types of lifting table column system:

Lifting columns: 1. The screw type single motor drive structure has good stable performance, strong synchronization performance, when the system fails, screw type lifting pillar desktop items and do not have any impact. But one drawback is that the noise is loud. With the improvement of modern motor technology, some problems of screw lifting columns will be improved gradually. Dual motor/multi-click drive structure has the advantages of low noise, synchronous performance and high capacity. However, the cost of the lifting column is relatively high, which requires strict control of the system.

2. The pedal lift column: the pedal lift column are characterized by their smooth lifting structure, the advantages of no noise, but it has a big flaw, is the need to take up a lot of space, the operation is not convenient and affect the overall artistic effect.

3. The pneumatic lifting column: pneumatic lifting column USES the gas spring, have no noise, steady lifting performance is good, but fall more troublesome, need a neutral to drop, this will affect the practical tender.

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