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The difference between lifting rod and elevator
May 05, 2018

The difference between lifting rod and elevator. While lifting lever and elevator can be telescopic movement, but essentially it is two kinds of different products, for people who are easy to confuse, through the simple introduction, with you to understand the difference between the lifting rod and elevator.

1. Basic information of lifting rod.

The main material of the lifting rod is aluminum alloy pipe material, usually the whole device can be collected, which is good for transportation.

2. Classification of lifting rod.

According to the difference of power plant, it can be divided into: pneumatic lifting lever, electric lifting lever, manual lifting lever and so on.

Depending on the model, they can be subdivided, so that each different environment will have corresponding equipment,

3. Principle of lifting rod.

Pneumatic lift, for example, pneumatic rod mainly by using the theory of aerodynamics, using air driven piston motion, thus promote cylinder lifting lever can rise and fall of the smooth movement. The air pump control system is to control the air pump to inflate and deflate the mast by controlling the air pump through the control box in the box, which can cause the lifting lever to rise and fall.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of lifting rod.

Due to its excellent materials and processing technology, the lifting rod can lift the object to the height of three or forty meters, and the maximum load capacity can reach 350 kilograms. But the disadvantage is that the wind is weak, and if you need to keep the center of gravity steady, you have to pull the line.

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