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Several knowledge points of linear actuators
Sep 04, 2018

Modernity can be said to be an era of digitalization. Many gadgets and smart devices have become an inseparable part of ordinary people's lives. A linear actuator, we mean that the device induces motion in a straight line. "Motion" can have different meanings: closing/opening, lifting, pushing/pulling, blocking/spraying, etc., depending on the type of energy, the actuators are divided into Types. The classification of the actuator depends on the type of energy that causes the motion. At present, this mechanism can convert mechanical, electrical, air, and liquid power into power, even smart electric actuators.

An electric linear actuator is used to move the clamp mechanism to clamp and release the machined component. This function is implemented on turret machines, milling machines, modular machines and automatic conveyor lines. At the same time, a range of electromechanical linear actuators are available in a variety of types and models, including industrial, microtube, micro, high speed and orbital mechanisms.


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