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Push rod linear motor
May 05, 2018

1. Introduction

Putting linear motor and linear push rod, the products are widely used in aircraft, ship, the luxury car seat in the back of a chair lift and massage chair, massage couch, fire equipment, medical equipment, furniture and other equipment, have the effect of push-pull telescopic. And its installation is not subject to terrain or distance.

2. Application field

Linear motor is mainly applied in three aspects:

One, it is applied to automatic control system, this kind of application situation is more;

Second, it is the driving motor which runs continuously for a long time;

3. It is used in devices that provide large linear motion energy in short time and short distance.

Because the electric putter has reliable performance and speed is stable and reliable, installation is simple wait for a characteristic, therefore widely used in electric, electric dental chair, sofa, multifunctional surgical bed, electric traction bed stand, electric optometry, LCD TV lift bracket, clean sanitation vehicles, heavy machinery industry, etc.

3 main bodies and parameters.


The main parts of the push-rod linear motor are: dc naked motor, reduction gear ratio, gear box, nut, guide sleeve, inner tube, outer tube, pull head, micro control switch and so on.


Voltage, maximum load, gear ratio, no-load speed, travel, minimum mounting distance, protection level, working frequency.

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