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Introduction to electric putter
May 05, 2018

Electric putter, from literally motor with push rod, the speed of the motor driven by role between the gear bearing group, by rotating pull force push into linear movement, promote the telescopic motion of the screw. The English name is linear actuator, and the translation is linear actuator, which is not referred to as push-rod motor, linear push rod, electric telescopic rod, electric lifting rod, decelerating motor, electric push-pull rod, etc.

It is often used with the household sector, electric sofa, such as nursing bed equipment, in some parts of the abroad, more common is every household will have a electric sofa, work tired, will be lying on the sofa, massage and other places are very popular in the United States. The household sector accounts for 80 per cent of industry sales, or $80 billion.

There are other applications, such as solar tracking systems, industries, medical beds, nursing beds, and so on. In addition to the household sector, in the medical bed, nursing bed area, with more in the United States, Switzerland and other places, because people care less, a dozen patients, nurses could even dozens of, take care not to come over? Therefore, we will adopt the smart device medical bed, and press a button to achieve the function of free lifting, cartwheel and so on. This greatly increases work efficiency. At present, it is popular in Europe and America, and less popular in China.

The other is the window opener application, such as building, fire window and so on. After the fire brigade in the United States, it will require the window opener to open all, so it will open a key skylight.

Electric push rod structure:

Vertical type 1.

At present, the vertical type is a common type, which is the parallel between the motor and the push rod, which has the advantage of saving space, less noise and better self-locking ability. More commonly used in household area, electric sofa above.

Parallel type 2.

The structure of the small electric putter is designed to be parallel, which makes the product smaller and more thrust.

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