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How to choose the right small electric putter?
May 05, 2018

Because of its compact structure, small size, easy to install and widely liked by customers, small electric putter is generally installed in small space with small thrust. For example, in industry, lifting tents, Christmas trees, special vehicles and so on. Its structure is generally H, and the motor is parallel to the push rod.

Customers will want the price, short delivery, reliable quality products, currently engaged in electric putter industry has dozens or more manufacturers, but the strength of only a dozen manufacturers. Electric draw stem is to use electrical and putting the interaction of a kind of linear actuator, simply use a dc motor power, the rotation of the use of interlocking between gear between gear box, which convert rotating mechanical motion to linear motion, motor drive screw movement. There will be a gearbox in the motor and a reduction ratio between the gears to control the load, speed, and pull. With overload protection (current protection), so as to make the push rod arrived at the top will not continue to drive, plus a potentiometer, hall sensor to signal to feedback to customer, to stay on the correct position.

Simple principle, but the accumulation of technology between manufacturers will make the quality of the putter itself very different. So how do customers choose the right small electric putter?

A: look at the noise level, noise level, the lower the reaction of a manufacturer of push rod technology accumulation, especially the application in the medical, household and other fields, can bring more benefits, the lower the noise response of the push rod itself between the gear noise, shell crack, motor rotation noise value, so the noise will identify one of the push rod technology.

2: looks back to the telescopic, putting average nominal scale back and forth for 10000 times, working frequency of 10% to 10%, the longer the push rod telescopic means its quality, the better, will ask the push rod telescopic general good manufacturer 3-50000 times back and forth expansion. A story, a customer to purchase the different electric putter factory samples, tested, kept test, then the vast majority of domestic push rod have collapsed, only some foreign brands still kept push and pull. This shows that the domestic manufacturer is a certain distance from the foreign manufacturer, but with the time thrust distance is shrinking.

Three: the protection grade, the higher the degree of protection, explain the material the more strict, general industrial class requirements for IP65, entry-level waterproof dustproof level, but the industry can achieve IP68, namely can be scaling back and forth half a meter of water depth.

But if the customer just wants the product to be of average quality and can move, the cheaper the better. If you have certain requirements for your products, you will choose the products with reliable quality, CE and UL certification system. After all, you get what you pay for.

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