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How to choose linear actuator
Jun 15, 2018

How to choose linear actuator

The linear actuator power is 12V or 24V,it is safe,smart body size,light weight,economic price,powerful force,long life time. It is so so perfect product so it is widely used in many many field.

Everyone will ask how to choose linear actuator? As a experienced linear actuator manufacturer,we offer following suggestion to select actuators.


1 According to the purpose, such as sofas, dental chairs, medical beds, nursing care beds, windows, electric tables, etc., as long as you tell us your application, we have a ready linear actuator to recommend to you.

For bed,please choose

For sofas,please choose

For window,please choose


2 If you are developing a new product, please tell me the dimensions of the installation space, such as height, width, depth, load, voltage, speed, etc. We will customize a linear actuator for you according to your technical requirements.


3 Replace the broken linear actuator. Please provide the photo and sticker of the old one. Our engineers will analyze it and give you a plan. If you want a replacement part, you need to provide drawings, it is best to send samples to us.


We have more than 70 types linear actuator,some has 15000N/1500KG/3300 load/force/push/pull capacity,some has up to 230mm/second or 9.2inch/second speed. We are confident that we have the ability to provide you with the best and most economical solutions.

Thank you

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