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Electric actuator
Jan 16, 2019

The basic actuator is used to drive the valve to a fully open or fully closed position. The actuator used to control the valve is able to accurately move the valve to any position. Although most actuators are used to switch valves, today's actuators are designed to go far beyond simple switching functions, including position sensing, torque sensing, electrode protection, logic control, and digital communication modules. And PID control modules, etc., and these devices are all installed in a compact housing.

Because more and more factories use automatic control, manual operation is replaced by mechanical or automation equipment, people are required to implement the interface between the control system and the mechanical movement of the valve, and the actuator is required to enhance work safety and Environmental performance. In some dangerous situations, automated actuators can reduce the risk of personal injury.

Some special valves require emergency opening or closing under special conditions, and the valve actuator prevents further spread of the hazard while minimizing plant losses. For some high pressure and large diameter valves, the required actuator output torque is very large. In this case, the actuator must be improved in mechanical efficiency and use a high output motor in order to operate the large diameter valve smoothly. For some small torque valves, small and small electric valves are also applied. Compared with ordinary models, they have the advantages of light weight, compact structure and complete functions.

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