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Classification of putter motor
May 05, 2018

1. The screw

The pitch is adjusted by the pitch of the screw.

Trapezoidal screw is relatively common, such as special, U1, U2, U5, U6 furniture field are using ordinary trapezoidal screw, it has the advantage of the price is cheaper, better self-locking force (trapezoid structure better bite), has a high cost performance. Ball screw, the price is more expensive, the self-locking force is poor but the transmission efficiency is higher, because there are a lot of ball bearings in the screw, the friction coefficient is smaller, the heavy industry requires the ball screw, the weight is large, the speed is fast. Very rare is the planet ball screw, which is the most expensive and has a longer life, and is rarely useful.

2. The motor

Stepper motor belongs to brushless motor. The servo motor is basically undamaged, claiming a life span of 30 years, and of course it is expensive. The working principle of dc motor is coil winding, forming N/S pole, which leads to the rotation of the copper rod, thus forming a high-speed rotary motion.

3. The reducer

The worm gear and worm gear are used in 90% of the push-rod motor, and the gearbox is mainly used in h-type industrial push-rod, which is used in the dental chair.

Worm gear: can only be in the motor speed, deceleration ratio to do the article. Low cost, large restriction, low noise.

Reduction gearbox: speed reduction ratio, motor, screw, etc. Small limit, relatively large noise (using powder metallurgy gear)

Planetary gear: straight line.

4. Push rod motor characteristics.

Communication: voltage instability, current stability.

Dc: stable voltage and unstable current.

Stepper motor and servo motor can be adjusted.

Dc motor and ac motor are not adjustable.

5. Push rod motor worm gear, speed reduction ratio.

The motor gear turns around, the worm turns 40 or 50 laps, and the reduction ratio is 40:1 and 50:1.

6. The advantages and disadvantages of putter motor are compared with that of cylinder.

Cylinder push rod, using air compressor, trouble.

Electric hydraulic push rod, not environmental protection, oil leak, difficult to take care of, trouble.

7. Push rod motor speed.

2mm/s-45mm/s a common speed range (the larger the thrust, the slower the thrust, the faster the thrust)

Too fast, unable to control the stroke, easy to break the switch, causing the inner tube to be unable to scale.

Deceleration ratio up to 5:1, motor speed of 6000prm.

No-load power = current x voltage.

Push a set of connecting rod mechanism to complete the switch of wind door, valve, gate and baffle. Using electric putter as actuator not only can reduce the air source device and auxiliary equipment required by pneumatic actuator, but also reduce the weight of actuator. The pneumatic actuator needs to have a certain pressure in the whole operation process, although it can adopt the small amplifier and so on, but the accumulated amount of gas is still huge. Using electric putter actuators, when the change of the opening of the control, need power supply, in the opening can no longer required power supply, therefore looked from energy saving, electric putter actuators than pneumatic actuators have obvious energy-saving advantages. Suitable for remote operation and is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, light industry, transportation, shipping and other departments of the damper, valves, valve bodies such as the opening and closing, material handling, flow control, etc. It has been used by more and more departments to replace the automatic device of mechanism, hydraulic valve and reducer.

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